Tax Exempt/ Religious Organizations

Nonprofits are facing an unprecedented level of regulatory scrutiny and enhanced governance requirements. To address the legal needs of nonprofits, Certilman Balin maintains a dedicated, full-time Nonprofit/Tax Exempt/Religious Organizations practice. Our lawyers provide guidance in the areas of corporate governance, operations and regulatory compliance, as well as with regard to transactional matters such as mergers and the sale of real estate and other substantial assets. We also counsel nonprofit, tax exempt and religious organizations concerning issues relating to labor and employment, ethics and conflicts of interest, risk assessment, risk management, disputes and litigation, environmental liability and banking.

Our clients are international, national, regional and local nonprofits across a broad range of sectors and religious denominations. Some are 501(c)(3) charitable organizations while others are not. We utilize a multi-disciplinary approach whereby we bring to bear the skills and experience of lawyers from across our firm’s 15 practice areas to best serve our clients’ needs.

Our experience indicates that Board and officer education in the areas of fiduciary duties and compliance obligations is essential to the twin imperatives of protecting the interests of the nonprofit while simultaneously shielding the Board and officers from exposure and personal liability.