11th Long Island Imagine Awards

The Long Island Imagine Awards was created as a way to showcase the nonprofit sector and all the good work that it does, as well as provide opportunities for deeper collaboration within the sector. The event acts as an opportunity to meet new people, discover new organizations doing business on Long Island, develop new relationships, and learn from the organizations that are being honored. Long Island based nonprofits compete against each other in 6 categories – Arts & Culture; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Accessibility (DEIA); Innovation; Leadership Excellence; Rising Star; & Social Impact, with the winner in each category winning a $5,000 grant. In addition, the 24 finalists, 4 in each category, will each receive a professionally produced video, which will be showcased the night of the event, and two free tickets to the event.

The Meridian Partnership Event

Meridian Capital Group has partnered with Bonei Olam on a joint humanitarian endeavor: To help medical researchers identify fatal genetic mutations causing life-threatening disorders among babies. Bonei Olam was founded to alleviate the suffering of childless couples and help finance the exorbitant costs of modern fertility treatments. The organization is renowned in the medical research community for its dedication to identifying genetic disorders and assuring that it doesn’t pass to future children and generations

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