Listen to Doug Rowe on the Program, “Work from Home Minefields for Employers”    

Doug Rowe Speaks About COVID-19 Labor and Employment Law Considerations

Doug Rowe quoted in Newsday story on Covid Workplace Class Action Suits

In the February 3rd edition of Newsday, our Employment Law Partner Doug Rowe joins the conversation on how the coronavirus has impacted the workplace.    

Why an Irrevocable Trust Might Be The Right Estate Planning Tool

In our last article, we compared estate planning to a toolbox filled with various tools. We wrote about the differences between a will and a revocable trust and why a revocable trust could have the advantage depending on your personal situation. In this article, we take it a step further…

Employment Law Partner Doug Rowe on “Opportunity Calls with Ellen Volpe”

Our Employment Law Partner Doug Rowe was a recent guest on "Opportunity Calls with Ellen Volpe," which was presented by American Business Associates ("ABA"). You can view the program here.

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