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Certilman Balin Supports Riverhead in Suit from Calverton Aviation & Technology

The Town of Riverhead has secured the legal support of Certilman Balin Adler & Hyman in the legal challenge the town faces from Calverton Aviation & Technology (CAT).

Riverhead retained Certilman Balin’s counsel after CAT filed suit in January asking a judge to direct the Town of Riverhead Community Development Agency to transfer 1,644 acres of vacant industrial land inside the Calverton Enterprise Park to the company.

The Town of Riverhead and CAT entered into an agreement to sell the property to CAT, an affiliate of Triple Five Group, for $40 million in November of 2018. The Riverhead Town Board voted in October to cancel the deal after the Riverhead Industrial Development Agency (IDA) denied CAT’s application for financial assistance to develop the land. The town made the decision pursuant to the terms of a March 2022 agreement with CAT that gave the town the right to end the deal if the IDA denied the application. CAT also seeks monetary damages to compensate for the town’s alleged breach of contract.

Certilman Balin was hired after discussing the litigation with the town board during an executive session earlier this month.

You can read more about the litigation and selection process here: