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Legal Mediation: Benefits Beyond Divorce Law

Mediation is an effective and efficient legal approach that has long been associated with divorce and family law proceedings. But legal mediation is a practical tool with application far beyond divorce – it can be utilized broadly and is increasing in popularity as an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for a wide variety of business matters.

According to Donna-Marie Korth, a Partner in our Co-op/Condo and Litigation Practice Groups, “mediation is a viable and attractive alternative to litigation in any type of dispute. In fact, there is no type of case, dispute, or issue, which cannot be mediated, at any time.”

“Even if mediation doesn’t fully resolve a matter, it can help narrow the issues, illuminate common ground, and streamline the dispute, which can eliminate the need for unnecessary discovery, motion practice, or even a trial.”

Korth shared this insight and more on legal mediation in an article in the Long Island Business News. You can read more in the full article: