Condominium & Cooperative

Our Condominium and Cooperative Attorneys Group is one of the most active in the nation. Since New York State law first allowed the development of condominiums in 1964, this team of condo and coop attorneys has represented developers and converters in the filings of more condominium and cooperative offerings than any other law firm in the country. As a result, our clients’ properties can be found throughout New York, across the United States and abroad.

Experienced in every type of residential and commercial condominium, cooperative, homeowner association development, and timeshare, our highly regarded attorneys teach at local law schools and hold leadership positions at various national, state, and local builders’ associations. Members of this group serve on the New York State Bar Association Committee on Condominiums and Cooperatives and on the Bar Association Liaison Committee with the Attorney General of the State of New York.

Not merely legal technicians, our condominium lawyers understand the business, marketing and financing implications of these types of communities. Clients turn to us for input on every aspect of their project, including financing, construction and municipal relations.


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