LI firms rethinking the 5-day office workweek, as seen in Newsday

Newsday surveyed over two dozen Long Island businesses, representing tens of thousands of employees worldwide, and the overwhelming majority said they preferred a “hybrid” work model, even after COVID-19 is no longer a threat. Our Managing Partner Bernard Hyman added his thoughts on this issue.

A new lesson in how we work

….”For nearly all, the pandemic has brought on a time of reevaluation. “It took this terrible, terrible event to teach us a new lesson in how we work,” said Bernard Hyman, managing partner at Certilman, Balin, Adler & Hyman. Hyman believes a part-time remote work model could work for his law firm because it engenders better quality of life, and helps parents deal with pressing child care concerns.”

You can read the full article here.