Coming Up With Creative Ways to Provide Legal Service

The Greek philosopher’s truism, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” is often quoted when men and women throughout the ages have come up with creative ideas to overcome challenges. Although Plato did not envision the coronavirus, history has proven the wisdom of his words and has shown that the more difficult the problem, the more impressive the solution.

While COVID-19 challenges the most brilliant scientific minds, the world waits for the discovery of a vaccination. To move the economy forward and be successful, businesses must tap into their creative energy to find new ways to not only survive, but also to thrive, in this new normal. The lawyers and staff at Certilman Balin have been rising to the occasion to accommodate the needs of their clients, even if many of the legal issues, which continue to grow, are being taken care of from a social distance…and creatively.

This appeared in the July 3rd edition of Long Island Business News.

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