FTC Proposes Rule To Ban Non-Compete Agreements Used By Employers

The FTC has proposed a new rule that would ban employers from entering into non-compete agreements with their employees.  The FTC estimates that 30 million persons, or about 20 percent of the United States workforce, are restrained by non-compete clauses with their current employers.  In addition to outlawing non-competes from…

Listen to a Webinar on Workplace Vaccination Policies featuring our Employment Lawyer Doug Rowe

On July 29, 2021, our Employment Law Partner Doug Rowe joined Susan Kreeger, CEO/Founder of RealHR, at a webinar on workplace vaccination policies hosted by Ken Cerini of Cerini & Associates, LLP. To listen to the webinar, click here.      

Doug Rowe Speaks About COVID-19 Labor and Employment Law Considerations

Employment Law Partner Doug Rowe on “Opportunity Calls with Ellen Volpe”

Our Employment Law Partner Doug Rowe was a recent guest on "Opportunity Calls with Ellen Volpe," which was presented by American Business Associates ("ABA"). You can view the program here.

Employer Checklist for Post-COVID-19 Considerations in Returning Employees to Work

As New York State begins phasing out its stay-at-home order and permits non-essential businesses to reopen, employers are left with uncertainty surrounding how best to proceed in returning their employees to work amidst numerous legal and logistical challenges. The following is an evolving checklist of considerations for reference to kick-start…