Letter to Clients and Friends from Managing Partner, Bernard Hyman


To our clients and friends:

The year 2020 has been a most difficult, unprecedented, and incomprehensible time in our nation’s history. We at Certilman Balin extend our heartfelt sympathies to the families and friends of the over 100,000 Americans who have lost their lives to the Coronavirus. Closer to home, some of us have lost family, clients, and friends to this horrible disease. We have learned that when the numbers become faces, the sting of loss becomes that much more bitter.

We New Yorkers were hit hardest. As we began to see hope in the decreasing numbers of new cases through social distancing and the shutdown of businesses, we have been hit again. This time by another disease, and that is racism. The tragic death of George Floyd has once again brought to light the extraordinary injustice that the African American community has faced and continues to face in our country.

Peaceful protest is and has historically always been the American way of addressing grievances while seeking some form of redress for perceived wrongs committed by government.  It is as traditional as apple pie and should be recognized as an unalienable right granted to all of us.  It is important for us to understand that what we have witnessed over the past week has not been from the protesters who absolutely have the right to make their legitimate upsets known. Instead, the concentration on what we are being shown is an angry mob of rioters and looters who are using the protest as an excuse to destroy, burn, rob, and loot. We should be sure to differentiate between legitimate protest and lawless in order to make a judgment as to what is actually happening at this moment in time.

The nature of our work as attorneys is the pursuit of justice which includes protecting the constitutional and legal rights of all of our people. We at Certilman Balin stand with our African American colleagues, friends and community against any form of racial injustice.  We believe that all people are created equal and deserve equal protection under the law.

These are difficult times that shake us to our core. While these days are hurting all of us, they do bring us a clear vision of not only what the world is now, but what the world should be. Out of this loss, what will we continue to build for our families, community, and our country?

Our partners, associates and staff look forward to a better day of equality, wellness, peace, and understanding. We pledge to do our part to not only act responsibly in order to protect our people during this pandemic but also to help in any way we can to quell the disease of racism.

Peace & Love,


Bernard Hyman